More than 1200 courses are offered at Harvard College each semester and you want to find the best.

Unfortunately, comparing and exploring classes in the Q guide is notoriously difficult. Which CS classes have high course ratings and low workload? What is the biggest course in the Sociology department? Is Hebrew Bible really the ultimate gem? Find out with this visual Q!

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Finding the right courses
Each bubble on the right represents a class that was offered in Fall 2017. The larger the bubble, the more students enrolled in that class.
Hover or click on a bubble to see detailed information. Mark your favorite classes with the heart in the right sidebar. Highlighted groups of bubbles represent departments.

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Let's narrow down the search
Surely there are some departments that you are particularly interested in.
Enter up to four departments to explore. Note that GENED is a department, too.
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Looking for a gem?
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Course Rating:

Ain't nobody got time for that
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Cost-benefit analysis
Let's take a look at course rating vs. workload for your selected courses. The gems are in the top-left corner!

We hope this Visual Q gave you new insights into course offerings!

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The End
The Visual Q was created by Jan Geffert '19, Matt Jiang '19, and Laura Chapman '20 for Harvard's CS171 (fall 2018).

Data courtesy of a webscraper built by Nenya Edjah '20, article here.

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